So your project needs a voice?

But you want it fast.

And you want it without hassles.

Above all, it should be professionally produced.

I'm committed to delivering just what you need with all that and more. Let me help you be successful with your audience.

Let's talk about your project and your vision.

As Sra. Carroway from "Coelary"
As Sibyl and Grandma Nuna from "Noon's Journey"


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Meet Voice Actress

Robbie has always been a talker. Since she was little, she could make conversation with anyone, from strangers in line at a store to polished politicians. One day she woke up somewhere north of a "certain age" and realized that her HR day job wasn't quite exactly her lifelong calling. She wanted something more, something real, something unique. So when the time came, she turned her eyes and ears to the world of voice over, and made that love of talking and storytelling into a passion for acting with her voice. With the help of several incredible teachers and mentors, she discovered a whole new life that keeps evolving every day. 


Now she's out and about working with animation, commercials, E-learning and narration from projects all over the world. 

And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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What People Say

"As a voice director, I could see that Robbie was born to be a voice actor. She's not only the easiest and most fun person to direct, she also has a shocking vocal range playing anything from an elderly person to a young 12-year-old boy AND she know how to improv. This voice sells!"

-Sunday Muse — Founder of Great Big Voices

"VObyRobbie delivered an amazingly chilling performance in my production as an older woman who manipulates several of the characters for her own purposes. I highly recommend for anyone searching for a dedicated and talented voice actress!"

-Faith M. 

"Robbie was an absolute pleasure to work with on Noon's Journey. She's flexible and easy to direct while still bringing her unique voice to the characters. She did an amazing grandma voice that still makes us laugh half a year later."

-Sascha Altschuler - Producer